Stratus AR Group partners with the software industry as a Global 3rd party receivable recovery agency

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AR Services for Saas/Legacy Vendors

Stratus AR Group partners with the software industry as 3rd party receivable recovery agency. Stratus AR recovery division focuses on defaulted subscription, auto renewal clauses, usage, Purchase Orders, Professional fees and any other unresolved receivable matters you encounters..

Stratus Financial’s maintenance renewal division focuses on up-selling annual support. The Stratus reps work as an extension to your internal team as a direct support sales partner on behalf of your company.

Global AR agency just for you!

Stratus AR Group specializes in SaaS/Legacy receivable recovery services Domestically in the USA and Internationally (I.e Subscriptions, Auto renewal clauses, Maintenance, PS fees, PO’s) and any other unresolved receivable matters you encounter.

Stratus guarantees the service, the commission fee is based only on what we collect and assist with AR matters all over the world.

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Receivable Services for SaaS_Legacy Vendors

If Stratus can return 30-35% of your receivables, within 60 to 90 days, with zero up-front costs, is that something you would be interested in? Stratus is a niche collection agency just for your industry!

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Nationwide Legal Network Partner

Stratus Financial can facilitate and coordinate legal action through our nationwide attorney network. While we are not a law firm, Stratus has a negotiated contingency legal fee without a retainer.


Annual Maintenance Renewals Up-Sell

Stratus FG maintenance renewal division works as an extension to your internal team. If you hare having customers churn on annual maintenance or have back log of customers that you would like to re-engage, Stratus can add commission reps!

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